5 Overlooked Remedies for Relieving Back Pain

Relieving Back Pain, Dr. Ravinder Singh, Premier Neurology Medical Group

More than 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Whether it’s acute or long-lasting, back pain can significantly impact your daily life. For most people, managing back pain requires some trial and error and a multidisciplinary approach.

Back pain specialists can treat the cause of your pain and help you get back on track, but did you know that you can incorporate lesser-known strategies to manage your back pain? Read on to learn some overlooked remedies that can help ease back pain.

#1. Strengthening your core provides relief

Your core is engaged in nearly every movement you make and strengthening it can help ease back pain. Your core is comprised of muscles that help stabilize and support your spine, including your abdominals and obliques. There are many exercises to strengthen your core, such as the side plank. It’s best to choose exercises that you enjoy and are likely to stick with. When your core muscles are stronger, it takes the pressure off of your spine and helps relieve back pain.

#2. Cognitive behavior therapy eases back pain

Pain is complex, and each person experiences it differently. How you experience pain is unique to you as an individual. Because of the intricate relationship between your brain and your body, your thoughts and emotions can impact your experience of pain.

Cognitive behavior therapy is an approach that teaches you how to identify and manage thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your pain. It’s used with traditional methods of pain management like those we implement at Premier Neurology Medical Group, which may include steroid injections and pain-relieving medication.

#3. Massage therapy helps make your back happy

Along with conventional treatment, massage therapy can help manage back pain. Massage therapy addresses the musculoskeletal causes of back pain. Therapy involves isolating and rejuvenating the muscles in your back that can have the greatest impact on back pain. Massaging these muscles can help ease back pain and provides a host of benefits including:

#4. Meditation soothes back pain

Meditation isn’t just for yogis and people looking for enlightenment. The practice has a wide range of applications and can benefit the body in numerous ways, including improving back pain. Meditation reduces stress hormones which may reduce your perception of pain. Practicing meditation regularly can reduce the intensity of back pain. Meditation involves re-focusing your attention while developing deep concentration and a sense of calm.

#5. Yoga relieves back pain

Yoga incorporates a series of poses and breathing techniques that strengthen different muscle groups in the body. Yoga also reduces tension, promotes relaxation, and increases flexibility of muscles and joints. The network of muscles that support your spine are engaged in each pose, which is held for 10-60 seconds. Consistently practicing yoga can help soothe lower back pain and bring relief so that you feel better.

Keep in mind that some types of remedies are not appropriate for people with certain types of back pain. For example, yoga isn’t safe for people whose back pain is caused by a slipped disc. Before trying any home remedy, it’s crucial that you consult your pain management provider first to ensure that a remedy is safe and appropriate for your type of back pain.


Dr. Ravinder Singh is committed to treating the root of your back pain so that you can experience relief. For back pain treatment with the latest advances in pain management call our office in Beverly Hills, California, to schedule your appointment or use our convenient online booking form.

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