About our Chiropractor, Dr. Jay Dvorsky:

Dr. Jay Dvorsky (known as Dr. Jay) received his Chiropractic License from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1989 and has served the greater Santa Monica community in his private practice for 20 years. He has now relocated to Beverly Hills and will bring the same unique care that he is known for, to his new community.

Dr. Jay treats patients like family. Family is special and does deserve the best, patients are special and deserve the best. He never loses sight of one basic principle: A symptom is simply a signal from the body that something is amiss. He states that it is his job to locate and treat the underlying cause of the symptom and not just symptom control. Patients frequently come in complaining of a symptom, let’s say, left sided low back pain. It is not uncommon, in fact, very common that that is not the cause of the pain. Dr. Jay might find that the right side is so off that it throws abnormal amount of pressure on the left. The problem is right-sided, yet the patient complains of left sided symptoms. You have to be able to correctly identify the problem in order to fix it.

Lifelong involvement in sports and a bachelor’s in Physical Education makes him especially sensitive to issues that athletes face. His deep fascination with the way the whole body

works is passed on to all his patients as they become knowledgeable, participate in and are empowered by the treatment process.

He treats people of all sizes, shapes and ages — from couch potatoes to professional athletes and everyone in between. Rest assured that if your problem falls outside his scope of practice, he will refer you to the right health care professional to handle your problem. He is not afraid to pick up the phone and make a personal call. He will set up an appointment if necessary and follow up with your care.


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