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Epilepsy Specialist

Premier Neurology Medical

Ravinder Singh, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist   located in Beverly Hills, CA

According to statistics from the International League Against Epilepsy, as many as 65 million men and women around the world struggle with epilepsy, including nearly 3.4 million in the United States. In their Beverly Hills office, Dr. Ravinder Singh and his team at Premier Neurology Medical Group provide compassionate, innovative epilepsy care, with a focus on reducing the frequency and severity of seizures. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Singh to discuss your specific circumstances and explore treatment options. Online scheduling makes it easy to find an appointment time that fits your busy schedule.


Epilepsy Q & A 

What is epilepsy?
Your brain handles a significant amount of electrical activity on a daily basis. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder marked by unprovoked seizures that occur with little warning. Those seizures cause a surge of electrical activity within your brain.

Researchers are unsure of the exact causes of epilepsy, and the condition can develop in people of all ages and genders. There’s no known cure for the disorder, but it’s possible to manage epilepsy symptoms and enjoy a healthy, active life.


Are there different types of seizures?
There are several different types of seizures. Partial seizures occur without a loss of consciousness. Symptoms might include dizziness, twitching limbs, or changes in vision, hearing, taste, or touch. You might also become unresponsive or perform repetitive movements.

Generalized seizures are marked by lack of consciousness. You might experience muscle stiffness, rapid twitching of arms or legs, or an inability to remain upright. Additional symptoms include loss of bladder control, uncontrollable shaking, or biting your tongue. 

What are some treatment options for epilepsy?

Certain medications can help control epilepsy seizures. Finding the right drug combination and dosage can be challenging, and these medications can interact negatively with other prescription drugs. There are also serious side effects that can occur while taking anti-seizure medication.

You may prefer to try alternative therapies for managing your epilepsy. Dr. Singh can guide you through your options when it comes to herbal supplements and vitamins. Vitamin supplementation is especially important for men and women who rely on anti-seizure medications, which can create an increased need for calcium and vitamin D.

Acupuncture also offers a potential treatment path. It’s possible that acupuncture can reduce seizures by changing your brain activity.

Through your partnership with Dr. Singh, you have access to these and other treatments that can help improve your experience with epilepsy.


What role does diet play in treating epilepsy?There’s strong evidence that certain dietary choices can help reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. Specifically, the ketogenic diet is found to have a positive impact.

The keto diet is centered on eating more fats and less protein and carbohydrates. Dr. Singh offers customized nutrition counseling and diet plans to help you reach your treatment goals.

If you’re living with epilepsy and interested in trying a new treatment path, schedule a consultation with Dr. Singh at Premier Neurology Medical Group today.



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